Understanding B2B eCommerce Platforms

In the ever-changing world of modern commerce, B2B eCommerce platforms have emerged as a significant shift, transforming the way businesses conduct wholesale and industrial transactions. But what exactly characterizes a B2B eCommerce platform, and how does it differentiate from traditional B2C eCommerce channels and regular B2B practices? At its core, a B2B eCommerce platform serves […]

The Best Wholesale Distribution Software Platforms

Running a wholesale business involves various intricate processes. Wholesale suppliers must procure goods from available manufacturing stock in their specific niche, oversee the supply chain, optimize delivery logistics, and manage customer relationships. Typically, wholesale distributors rely on multiple software platforms to handle their operations. However, wholesale distribution software streamlines these tasks, eliminating the need to […]

Self-Distribution 101: Webinar Summary

Growing CPG startup from zero to millions in revenue We are experiencing an exciting period within the CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) community. There has been a notable increase in the number of brand startups, while distribution businesses are actively supporting promising brands, and communities are facilitating knowledge-sharing, advice, and connections. However, it’s essential to acknowledge […]

3 Reasons Why Moving Towards Digital B2B Wholesale is Essential for Your Business

At SimplyDepo, we’ve battled the hassle of outdated wholesale processes ourselves, like dealing with physical catalogs and handwritten orders, creating manual routes, and struggling with self-distribution – it was a disaster. Today, we’ve taken this mission and aim to help businesses modernize wholesale processes. The technology has made it possible to digitize the entire B2B […]

How GNGR Labs Leveraged SimplyDepo to Increase Sales

GNGR Labs is a young nutraceutical brand that offers ginger shots to empower customers’ immune systems. They began self-distribution in New York, but quickly encountered challenges with manual processes, complicated reporting, sales analysis, and forecasting tools. Fortunately, GNGR was able to be the first brand onboarded to SimplyDepo platform that aims to solve all of […]

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