10 Tips to Avoid Disaster with Retailers and Distributors from Kickfurther

Retailer and distributor mistakes can certainly set you back, but if learning can be done – it’s often the way that we grow the most as humans and business owners. As you explore the path of being a profitable wholesaler, knowledge is power. Mistakes are bound to happen. But, remember, as a business owner and […]

What is Wholesale Price

Discovering the difference between wholesale and retail pricing In the intricate web of commerce and trade, prices play a pivotal role. One often hears the terms “wholesale price” and “retail price” thrown around, but what do these terms really mean? How do they differ, and why are they important? In this article, we will delve […]

Wholesale Distribution: A Guide to Get Started

Wholesale continues to be the primary sales channel for most CPG companies in US. According to a report by the Grocery Manufacturers Association, about 80% of CPG sales are made through traditional retail channels, including wholesale distribution to retailers and distributors. For CPG companies, wholesale offers a more efficient and cost-effective distribution model. Leveraging established […]

How to Increase the Productivity of the Field Sales Team

In the dynamic realm of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) distribution, the effectiveness of your field sales team is paramount. Your sales reps are the driving force behind revenue growth and customer relationships. To ensure your team’s success, a strategic blend of innovative tools and techniques is essential. Enter SimplyDepo – the ultimate retail execution software […]

What is Field Sales

Driving sales in the consumer packaged goods industry requires a strategic and well-coordinated effort, especially in the realm of field sales. To optimize this crucial aspect of your business and boost growth, harnessing the power of technology is paramount. SimplyDepo, a cutting-edge solution, empowers CPG companies to improve their field sales operations and unleash their […]

Understanding B2B eCommerce Platforms

In the ever-changing world of modern commerce, B2B eCommerce platforms have emerged as a significant shift, transforming the way businesses conduct wholesale and industrial transactions. But what exactly characterizes a B2B eCommerce platform, and how does it differentiate from traditional B2C eCommerce channels and regular B2B practices? At its core, a B2B eCommerce platform serves […]

The Best Wholesale Distribution Software Platforms

Running a wholesale business involves various intricate processes. Wholesale suppliers must procure goods from available manufacturing stock in their specific niche, oversee the supply chain, optimize delivery logistics, and manage customer relationships. Typically, wholesale distributors rely on multiple software platforms to handle their operations. However, wholesale distribution software streamlines these tasks, eliminating the need to […]

Self-Distribution 101: Webinar Summary

Growing CPG startup from zero to millions in revenue We are experiencing an exciting period within the CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) community. There has been a notable increase in the number of brand startups, while distribution businesses are actively supporting promising brands, and communities are facilitating knowledge-sharing, advice, and connections. However, it’s essential to acknowledge […]

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