3 Reasons Why Moving Towards Digital B2B Wholesale is Essential for Your Business

At SimplyDepo, we’ve battled the hassle of outdated wholesale processes ourselves, like dealing with physical catalogs and handwritten orders, creating manual routes, and struggling with self-distribution – it was a disaster. Today, we’ve taken this mission and aim to help businesses modernize wholesale processes. The technology has made it possible to digitize the entire B2B […]

What are the signs that your supply chain process is not optimized?

If you hold the title at your company of Warehouse Manager, Inventory specialist, or Purchasing manager, or are in charge of financial forecasting, chances you are involved with your company’s Supply Chain.   Distribution companies can either be an overnight success or be another bankruptcy statistic if they don’t take all aspects of their supply chain […]

Setting Distributors Up for Success – A Guide to Inventory Management and Funding

In the distribution world, success often hinges on efficient inventory management and securing the necessary funding to keep operations running smoothly. For distributors, managing inventory is not just about having products on hand but also about optimizing cash flow and ensuring timely customer deliveries. In this article, we will delve into the crucial aspects of […]

BIG NEWS: SimplyDepo Introduces Freemium Plan

SimplyDepo Welcomes CPG Brand Startups with the New Freemium Model SimplyDepo, a fast-growing Sales solutions provider, is thrilled to introduce its Freemium plan for the Field Sales CRM. It provides a warm invitation to emerging Consumer Packaged Goods brands. This plan allows startups to enjoy all the benefits of SimplyDepo’s Field Sales CRM and mobile […]

Interview With Tim Sher, Vice President at HC Foods

Introduction Lisa: Staying ahead of the curve is essential in the fast-paced distribution world. SimplyDepo, an innovative software company in the distribution industry, was privileged to sit down with Tim Sher, the Vice President at HC Foods, a prominent US-based distribution company headquartered in Los Angeles. The company boasted a remarkable 36-year track record within […]

10 Tips to Avoid Disaster with Retailers and Distributors from Kickfurther

Retailer and distributor mistakes can certainly set you back, but if learning can be done – it’s often the way that we grow the most as humans and business owners. As you explore the path of being a profitable wholesaler, knowledge is power. Mistakes are bound to happen. But, remember, as a business owner and […]

What is Wholesale Price

Discovering the difference between wholesale and retail pricing In the intricate web of commerce and trade, prices play a pivotal role. One often hears the terms “wholesale price” and “retail price” thrown around, but what do these terms really mean? How do they differ, and why are they important? In this article, we will delve […]

Wholesale Distribution: A Guide to Get Started

Wholesale continues to be the primary sales channel for most CPG companies in US. According to a report by the Grocery Manufacturers Association, about 80% of CPG sales are made through traditional retail channels, including wholesale distribution to retailers and distributors. For CPG companies, wholesale offers a more efficient and cost-effective distribution model. Leveraging established […]

How to Increase the Productivity of the Field Sales Team

In the dynamic realm of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) distribution, the effectiveness of your field sales team is paramount. Your sales reps are the driving force behind revenue growth and customer relationships. To ensure your team’s success, a strategic blend of innovative tools and techniques is essential. Enter SimplyDepo – the ultimate retail execution software […]

What is Field Sales

Driving sales in the consumer packaged goods industry requires a strategic and well-coordinated effort, especially in the realm of field sales. To optimize this crucial aspect of your business and boost growth, harnessing the power of technology is paramount. SimplyDepo, a cutting-edge solution, empowers CPG companies to improve their field sales operations and unleash their […]

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